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Day 20: Write SNOW in an acrostic poem.


Snowy nights

No book untouched

Outside is sparkling

Welcome Mr. Winter

I know it is very lame but it’s the best I can do.


Day 17: Write an instruction manual on how to make a snowman.


1. You’ll need a flat area for the snowman. And you’ll need access to a spot which has a nice big patch of snow to make big snowballs with.

2. Gather a handful of snow. Pack it tightly with your two hands, shaping it into a ball.

3. Place the ball on the ground. Roll the ball along the snowy patch. As you roll, the ball will pick up more snow and will grow larger and larger as the snow from the ground sticks to it. Keep rolling until the ball reaches the desired lower body size. A height of 1 foot to three feet (or more) is recommended.

4. Make another snowball. Only this time, make it a little bit smaller. This will become the snowman’s middle section.

5. Make another snowball. This last one must be smaller still, as it will form the snowman’s head. When done, stack the three snowballs up from largest to smallest, being careful to pack tightly and balance them so they won’t fall down. As you go, smooth the sides out as best you can.

6. When all the balls are in place, pack some snow between the layers. This will make sure they stick together. If your snowman seems wobbly, you can stabilize it by poking a long skinny stick straight down through the top of its head, like threading a shish kabob. Cover the hold in its head with more snow.

7. Place a carrot in the middle of the head to act as a nose. Use buttons, pebbles or etc and place them above the carrots to represent the eyes. Use a row of pebbles, coal or etc., to show a dazzling smile or a grumpy frown beneath the carrot nose.

8. Add some sticks for the arms. Top off the snowman with a hat and place a nice scarf around its neck.

9. Take some pictures if you like. Your snowman will hang around at least a few days and even longer if it’s very cold.

10. Enjoy his company.

Day 13: You are snowed in at a cabin write a list of thing you would do to pass the time.



Well looks like we are snowed in. Oh what shall we do. Well her is a list for ya. We could read, listen to music, sit around the fire and tell stories, cuddle, be intimate, think of a plan to get out, tell jokes, sleep and maybe watch movies.

Day 15: Write about any traditions you have during the fall season.


Every Fall I always find anything pumpkin scented and use it all Fall. Around thanksgiving my fiancee and I always make pumpkin pies and pumpkin cookies with his mother. Also my fiancee and I have decided that until we feel like we are too old we are going to go trick or treating lol

Day 11: Write about a time you carved a pumpkin.


I actually have never carved a pumpkin. This year is going to be my first year and I am 20 years old. I know that is sad but I never really had a life as a child so I never got to do fun things like that.

Day 5: Choose a word from the file named “Word Prompts”. Take 10 minutes and write about that word.


It was hard for me to choose one word so I chose a few. The words I chose will be in bold. I am going to write about a memory I have with my fiancee in fall. One night one of Eric’s friends invited us over for a party. We made a campfire and we sat around it having a few drinks. We had so much fun. The cool fall breeze was making me shiver and m wonderful fiancee gave me his hoodie. I felt so special. Even tho I had his hoodie I was still pretty cold. I asked him to go inside. When we got inside he cuddled me until I feel asleep. I felt so warm and safe in his arms. At that moment I knew he was the one 😀