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Upcoming interview with Author Amanda Albright-Still

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Between the Books


I will have her interview up soon. Stay tuned!

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Day 14: Make a list of 10 things you like about winter.



10 things I like about Winter:

1. Snow

2. Hot Chocolate

3. Cuddling

4. Cute coats

5. Snowman

6: Christmas

7. My Birthday

8. Snow Angels

9. Sled Riding

10. Reading

Day 13: You are snowed in at a cabin write a list of thing you would do to pass the time.



Well looks like we are snowed in. Oh what shall we do. Well her is a list for ya. We could read, listen to music, sit around the fire and tell stories, cuddle, be intimate, think of a plan to get out, tell jokes, sleep and maybe watch movies.

Day 12: Write a list of things you like to do on a cold winters night.



On a cold winter nights I like to cozy up to my wonderful fiancee. Grab a good book and some hot tea and just relax.

Day 11: Write about the worst snowstorm you can remember.



The worst snowstorm I can think of right now happened back in 2007-2008. It snowed about 8 inches or more knocking out all power. We were out of power for about 5 days and we couldn’t even get out of our driveway for at least 2 days. It was terrible. So far we haven’t had one that bad that I remember. 

Day 2: What year will it be in ten years? How old will you be? Write a letter to yourself for ten years from now.



In 10 years it will be 2024.

Dear Stephanie,

It is 2014 here and man I tell you things are changing drastically everyday. Eric is still the love of my life and right now it’s snowing like crazy. Please dont forget the past. It’s pretty nice here.

Day 22: Write an Acrostic Poem using the word Thanksgiving.










Inviting all your friends and family to gather under one roof.

New World


Day 15: Write an essay explaining what it means to be thankful.



There is many ways to be thankful. What does being thankful mean? Well let me tell you. Some may say i’m thankful for my electronics. To be thankful means to be thankful with your whole being. I am thankful just to be alive and healthy. I don’t worry about electronics. Living is more important.

Day 14: You have been assigned the task of creating a new “mascot” to represent Thanksgiving. The turkey is tired of being the holiday bird! What animal, bird, reptile, etc. will you choose? Why? What makes this creature a good representation of the Thanksgiving holiday?



I think the chicken could be the new mascot. It is similar to the turkey. It taste a lil different but over all has the same texture and everything. It gives turkeys a break lol

Day 1: Finish the prompt “I jumped in a pile of leaves and found … “


I jumped in a pile of leaves and found a whole new world. It was beautiful the colors were so vibrate. I started walking around and I noticed that there were no people. I kept walking and still all I saw were animals. I stooped down to look at the adorable rabbit that was hopping. He looked at me and said “How do you do?” I fell back in shock. I must be dreaming. I take off running and I end up in my yard again. What an awesome adventure.