Day 7: The Abominable Snowman is an ape-like creature said to inhabit the Himalayan regions of Nepal and Tibet. Write a story about seeing the Abominable Snowman.


One day my boyfriend and I decided to go on a trip to the Himalayan. We got invited to go on this tour with another group of couples. We started at the bottom of the mountain and hiked all the way to the top. About half way up the mountain we split up into two groups. it was me, my boyfriend and another couple. As we were walking up the mountain the tour guide was explaining the stories that have taken place such as a huge avalanche that happened a few weeks back and also sightings of The Abominable Snowman. Intrigued by this story my boyfriend and i decided to wonder off in search of this creature. As we neared the top of the hill we heard a loud groan. We were starting to get a bit scared. We took slow steeps forward, camera in hand don’t forget, to the top. As we got to the top there he was standing no more that 2 feet away. I quickly snapped a picture. Just then he turned around and started running after us. We turned and fell and rolled all the way down. At the bottom everyone was asking us what happened but when we told them they didnt believe us. As they say picture speak louder than words



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