My Bucket List


So far..

1. Get a Tattoo

2. Fall In Love

3. Get Married

4. Have Kids

5. See Michael Jackson’s Grave

6. Go to Barcelona

7. Go to Australia

8. Get my picture taken with Johnny Depp

9. Visit all 50 states

10. Get my picture taken on Michael Jackson’s Star

11. Keep a diary for a whole year.

12. See the Grand Canyon

13. See Niagara Falls

14. Learn to play guitar

15. Have someone write a song for me

16. Try out for American Idol

17. Write an Autobiography

18. Go see the Northern Lights in Alaska

19. Learn to ski and snowboard

20. Spend a week in Forks, Washington.

21. Go see a medium (Sylvia Brown)

22. Get my fortune told.

23. Go on a cruise

24. Ride in a hot air balloon

25. See the phantom of the opera in theater

26. See a ballet

27. Go to Nashville for a week.

28. Spend time volunteering in Africa.

29. Camp in the wilderness

30. Dive/ swim with sharks

Must more to come later…


About artsygal13

I am 20 years old. I am a lover of photography, blogging, writing, vlogging, reading and art. My blog will just be total randomness.

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