November 2013 Challenge


Day 1: Finish the prompt “I jumped in a pile of leaves and found … ”
Day 2: How could you help someone less fortunate on Thanksgiving, or anytime of the year?
Day 3: Make a list of 25 things you are Thankful for.
Day 4: Write a letter to another country where there is no Thanksgiving. Try to convince them that they should institute the holiday.
Day 5: Imagine that you are on the Mayflower. Write a letter home to your friends in England telling them what the journey is like and what you’re looking forward to.
Day 6: Write a letter as a turkey, convincing people to eat other things besides turkey for Thanksgiving. Include recipes and serving suggestions!
Day 7: Look up various Thanksgiving Day Traditions. Which do you think is the most interesting and why?
Day 8: Describe how you celebrate Thanksgiving. What is your favorite part?
Day 9: Describe your favorite Thanksgiving memory.
Day 10: Do several book reviews for books that are about Thanksgiving.
Day 11: Write a letter to a veteran that thanks him or her for defending our country.
Day 12: Choose a historical figure such as Pocahontas, John Smith or the captain of the Mayflower. If you could interview that person, what questions would you ask him/her.
Day 13: You are a parent of a pilgrim child, having just arrived in a new world. What advice will you give to your child about how to act around unfamiliar people and handle this new adventure?
Day 14: You have been assigned the task of creating a new “mascot” to represent Thanksgiving. The turkey is tired of being the holiday bird! What animal, bird, reptile, etc. will you choose? Why? What makes this creature a good representation of the Thanksgiving holiday?
Day 15: Write an essay explaining what it means to be thankful.
Day 16: Explain why you love Thanksgiving. Are there any parts of the holiday you don’t enjoy?
Day 17: Write an instruction manual on how to bake a pumpkin pie.
Day 18: Make a list of foods you have on thanksgiving.
Day 19: Do you think a turkey would make a good pet? Why or why not?
Day 20: Describe what you know about the first Thanksgiving dinner.
Day 21: What is your favorite Thanksgiving book? Describe the plot and your reactions to it.
Day 22: Write an Acrostic Poem using the word Thanksgiving.
Day 23: Do you ever help to cook Thanksgiving dinner? If so what do you make?
Day 24: Research Thanksgiving. Make an entry.
Day 25: Why is it important to have a day of thanks?
Day 26: When do you feel most thankful?
Day 27: What time of day does your family eat Thanksgiving dinner?
Day 28: Of the holidays during the fall and winter season, which is your favorite?
Day 29: Why is Thanksgiving important to American culture?
Day 30: Imagine that you were blind. What smells and noises let you know that it is Thanksgiving Day? Write a poem.

About artsygal13

I am 20 years old. I am a lover of photography, blogging, writing, vlogging, reading and art. My blog will just be total randomness.

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