Day 25- Finish the prompts: One dark and rainy Halloween …


I was driving to the annual Halloween party at my nana’s. I was listening to some ghoulish tunes and humming along. Out of the corner of my eye I spotted a woman and a young girl standing on the side of the road. I stopped and backed up but they were gone. I kept driving. About 15 minutes later the same woman and child walked out in front of my car. I swerved away from them and ran my car into a tree. I got out and they were gone. At this time I was very afraid and I didn’t have cell service. I grabbed an umbrella out of the trunk of my car and started walking. Many cars drove by but none of them stopped to pick me up. I finally came upon a old wooden cottage. The lights were on so I walked up to it and knock on the door. An elderly woman came to the door and welcomed me in no questions asked. She dressed my wounds and gave me a hot cup of coffee and some warm clothes to put on. She also told me I could stay the night. She had an extra room now because she lost her daughter a few months back. When I explained to her what happened she smiled with tear filled eyes and said that’s exactly how my daughter and granddaughter died except a fox ran across the road. I now believe that the woman her her child was this woman daughter and granddaughter. The woman gave me some soup and I wen up to bed. The next morning I woke up to the smell of bacon and coffee. I walked downstairs and said good morning but no one was down there. The house was tattered and torn and it was very dusty. What happened?  I walked around the house and there were old photos of the woman and the young woman and child I saw. The house looked like it had been burned. I found a house phone and it had a tone so I called my nana and told her where I was and what happened. She didn’t say anything I asked if she was there and she said that’s impossible. I asked her why and she told me the young woman and her child were driving about two months ago and a fox ran out in the road. They hit a tree and they both died. In grief the old woman set house on fire and laid up in her daughters room until she was dead. I was shocked. I asked my nana a few more questions but the line was dead. I tried calling back but no one answered. I decided to walk back to my car. When i got to my car there were cops and ambulances and people all around. I saw something laying on the ground. I walked up to it and unzipped the bag. It it was me…


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I am 20 years old. I am a lover of photography, blogging, writing, vlogging, reading and art. My blog will just be total randomness.

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