Day 22: Write your own ghost story.


It was a dark and stormy night. I was home alone. I was enjoying the sound of the storm by reading and having a nice cup of tea. Time just flew by. I hear the grandfather clock start to chime. One, Two, Three and so on. I just continue to read subconsciously still counting the chimes. Twelve, Thirteen. Wait a minute thirteen? I look up at the clock but it has stopped. I get up from my lush couch and trot over to the clock. I open it to see if it is dead or what was happening. No not dead huh. That is very strange.I just shrug it off and go back to my reading corner. About twenty minutes or so go by and there is a knock at the door. Now who could that be? I go to answer it and no one is there but they left a basket. Inside the basket is a bloody rag. I remove the rag and open it find a cat paw. I yell for my cat. Baily, Baily? She doesn’t answer. I go searching through the house for her. I hear a low meow. It sounded like it came from the basement. I went the old rugged steps slowly. Each step I took the more scared I was. I finally got to the bottom of the stairs. The only light I had until I get to the middle of the room is the light from the flashlight app on my iPhone. I call out to her and again get a low meow. As I walk closer to the light I start to smell something burning. It wasn’t a strong odor it smelled like someone just blew out a candle. I get to the light and quickly pulled the string. What was that? Something just pushed me. I hear my cat cry out and I run to her only to find her gutted. I drop to my knees a plead for whoever did this to show their face. Someone grabbed me and pulled me across the floor. Thats all I remember. God only knows what happened to me. I am now blind in one eye.


About artsygal13

I am 20 years old. I am a lover of photography, blogging, writing, vlogging, reading and art. My blog will just be total randomness.

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  1. i like it… think you are a good writer*

  2. hi! not to offend you and all, you can also choose not to post this comment, but this story has some grammatical errors, and that it is kinda confusing, so yeah.

    • Yeah I noticed I forgot a few words. And the idea behind the thirteenth chime on the clock is when the clock chimes thirteen times bad luck will come your way hence the cats paw. The smell of something burning means there is a demon around. The ending needed more supportive information. When it says thats all I remember means she blacked out and she doesn’t know what happened but now she is blind in one eye. I hope it makes more sense now

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