Day 10: Finish the prompt: “It started out like any other day in Mr. McGregor’s garden. But then, something very strange happened. The scarecrow blinked once. He blinked a second time. He coughed. Then he . . . “


Jumped down. He stared at me. It was one of the most terrifying things I have ever seen. His eyes were glowing yellow and he had a hook for a hand. I tried to back away slowly in hopes that he will not follow me. Just then he started running after me. I ran as fast as I could but he was much to fast for me so I took a shortcut through the corn field. I figured that would slow him down. He just kept running never looking back. Finally I felt very alone. I looked all around and no one was around. I kept walking finally I came to the edge of the corn. There was thing little cottage. I walked up on the porch to ask to use her phone and she came out on the porch with a gun. She told me to stay away from her house because I brought the bad man with me. She forced me to the edge of the corn and left me there. I knew at that moment I was going to die.


About artsygal13

I am 20 years old. I am a lover of photography, blogging, writing, vlogging, reading and art. My blog will just be total randomness.

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