October Challenge 2013

For the month of October my journal lovers group will be doing a journal challenge. Everyday there is a topic to write about.. The following are the days prompts:

Day 1- Write about the sights of autumn and sounds of autumn.
Day 2- Write about your favorite fall memory? How old were you when it happened?
Day3- Write about three experiences that you enjoy most about the fall season?
Day 4- Imagine the weather gods suddenly decided that the fall season would be no more. Write about how that would affect you.
Day 5- Choose a word from the file named “Word Prompts”. Take 10 minutes and write about that word.
Day 6- Write a poem about the falling leaves.
Day 7- Describe the sights you saw on your nature walk.
Day 8- Which season is your favorite? Why?
Day 9- Pretend that you are an autumn leaf. Write about what’s happening and tell how you feel about it.
Day 10- Finish the prompt: “It started out like any other day in Mr. McGregor’s garden. But then, something very strange happened. The scarecrow blinked once. He blinked a second time. He coughed. Then he . . . ”
Day 11- Write about a time you carved a pumpkin.
Day 12- Freewrite for five minutes using the phrase, “I grabbed the rake and turned around quickly . . .”
Day 13- What rituals do you have as autumn arrives and the temperature begins getting cooler? What comforting items do you cook, bake or wear? Write about your fall rituals and where they started.
Day 14- As a transitional season, fall evokes many feelings about things such as the passage of time and the life cycles of nature. Write a few paragraphs about how autumn makes you feel or what it makes you consider.
Day 15- Write about any traditions you have during the fall season.
Day 16- Free Page
Day 17- Make a list of Halloween safety tips.
Day 18- If you could be anyone or anything this Halloween, who or what would you be? Why?
Day 19- Write an announcement for a Halloween party. Keep it short, but make sure it captures the reader’s attention. Include information on at least three to four fun activities you have planned for the party.
Day 20- Pretend that you are a jack-o-lantern. Describe Halloween from a jack-o-lantern’s point of view.
Day 21- If you could make a magic brew, what would you make? Why?
Day 22- Write your own ghost story.
Day 23- Write a journal entry about the best Halloween you’ve ever had.
Day 24- Write a journal entry about the best trick you have ever pulled (or the best one that has ever been pulled on you).
Day 25- Finish the prompts: One dark and rainy Halloween …
Day 26- Do you believe in superstitions? If yes which ones?
Day 27- You are the star reporter for Halloween Headline, and you’ve just landed an interview with Michael Myers. Write out 20 questions to ask during the interview.
Day 28- Write about your favorite Halloween movies.
Day 29- Write about the scariest movie you have ever seen.
Day 30- Write about the best costume you have ever worn.
Day 31- What does Halloween mean? What is the background behind the name? Research Halloween and make a entry



About artsygal13

I am 20 years old. I am a lover of photography, blogging, writing, vlogging, reading and art. My blog will just be total randomness.

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